Pressure Irrigation System Shuts Down October 15

WaterPro’s pressure irrigation system will cease operations for the season on October15. This shutdown date is determined by the water rights we hold.

Whether you are connected to the pressure irrigation system or use culinary water to water your lawn and landscaping, be sure to take the following steps to protect your system for the winter:

  • Leave ball valves open.
  • Turn off your stop and waste valve so that water will drain out of the lines.

If your system is not properly winterized, there may be water left in the lines which will freeze during the winter and may damage your system. Then when you start up the system in the spring, it may flood and cause damage to your property.

Please note that WaterPro maintains only the public portion of the pressure irrigation and culinary systems. Our responsibility for water lines ends at the stop and waste valve for a pressure irrigation system, and at the meter for a culinary system. We are unable to provide assistance to our customers in maintaining their individual systems.

If you need help in winterizing your system, please contact a qualified landscaper.