Water Year 2012-2013: Off to a Dry Start

Water may be in shorter supply during the water year that began on October 1, according to recent information from experts. As of Monday, October 22,water- year-to-date precipitation in the Provo River-Utah Lake-Jordan River basin was 54% below average. The Bear River and Weber-Ogden River Basins were in even worse shape, at 64% and 60% below average respectively. According to Randy Julander, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) snow survey supervisor, soil moisture in northern Utah is also below average levels. While this information reflects less than a month’s worth of data gathering, it continues the dry pattern we have been experiencing since last spring. The low soil moisture is a result of the hot, dry weather we have been experiencing for most of 2012. While we hope for above-average snowpack this winter to re-saturate our soils and replenish reservoir storage, we also encourage our customers to continue their water conservation efforts. Water is precious – don’t waste it!