Public Hearing July 29 for Rate Increase Request

WaterPro is in the process of requesting our first culinary water rate increase since 2016, which is scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2020.

The public can comment on the request at a hearing by the Public Service Commission (PSC) on July 29.

How rates are set

Setting water rates is a multi-step process that we take very seriously.

As a not-for-profit customer-owned utility, our main concerns are covering our ongoing costs for treating and delivering water, making sure we have sufficient funds to repair existing infrastructure, and planning to fund future needs for building new infrastructure.

Since WaterPro is independent and not part of a government entity, we can’t “borrow” money from taxes or other departments if our budget falls short. Our rates need to be set at a level to cover our current and future needs. However, we can’t just raise rates whenever we feel like it; we are required to consult with the PSC.

What the PSC does

The PSC is a state agency that reviews rates for monopoly utilities such as gas, power, and water. Their job is to balance the interest of the utility against the interests of customers. The PSC requires us to submit plans and documentation when we ask for a rate increase, so they can see where our money is going and our plans for the future.

An important part of the PSC’s process is to allow the public to comment on requests for rate increases.

How you can participate

In conformance with Covid-19 precautions, this PSC hearing will be held by telephone.

If you want to address the rate increase in this meeting, you must be present on the call by 1:00 p.m. on July 29.

Call one of these numbers:

720-279-0026 OR 877-820-7831

When prompted, enter this code:


The meeting will continue until everyone has had a chance to speak; however, the PSC may limit repetitious remarks or curtail the length of time any individual may speak.

If you would like to comment but are unable to attend the meeting, you can send written comments via email (, fax (801-530-6796) or U.S. mail (PSC, Fourth Floor, Heber M. Wells Building, 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111). Address comments to Docket No. 20-2443-01.

If you need special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) to participate in the hearing, please notify the PSC at 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, (801) 530-6716, at least three working days before July 29.