WaterPro customers asked to reduce water use voluntarily

To help mitigate the ongoing drought, municipalities and water providers across the state have been imposing restrictions – sometimes including fines for violations – on their customers’ water use.

WaterPro customers have been asking if the company or Draper City are planning to implement such restrictions.

As of this writing, WaterPro and Draper City plan to ask our water consumers for help by voluntarily cutting back on the amount of water they use. At this time, there are no mandatory restrictions or penalties in place, although that could change if the situation worsens.

How you can help

Last year we asked our customers for voluntary restrictions, and your response was positive! Again this year we are asking you to help improve our entire community’s water outlook by:

  • Watering your landscape only two days per week.
  • Restricting watering times to 30 minutes for pop-up heads or 40 minutes for rotor heads.

We have arrived at these recommendations by considering not just the water supply, but also the needs of landscape plants. As members of the community, we want Draper to remain beautiful, all while preserving precious water for our use and for future generations. We know we can rely on our customers to help keep our community strong and healthy.