WaterPro to Seek Rate Change from Utah Public Service Commission Effective April 2013

WaterPro will go before the state Public Service Commission in January to request our first rate increase in a decade. We make every attempt to keep our rates affordable for our customers, but as rising prices increase our cost of doing business, we must adjust our rates to reflect the real cost of the water we provide.

What exactly is the Public Service Commission’s role in all this? According to its website, the Public Service Commission “conducts hearings and investigations of utility company operations in order to determine just and reasonable rates for service. The Commission strives to protect efficient, reliable, reasonably-priced utility service for customers, and to maintain financially healthy utility companies.”

We are requesting a 4% increase in our rates across the board. The last time we had a rate change was in 2007, when our base rates actually went down. At that time, we adopted tiered pricing so that those who use more water would pay proportionally more. That usage-based structure will remain intact under the proposed rate change.

The hearing with the Public Service Commission is scheduled for January 29, 2013 in room 451 of the Heber Wells Building, 160 E Broadway (300 South), Salt Lake City. The public is welcome to attend the hearing.

If you have any questions about this rate change, please contact WaterPro General Manager Darrin L. Jensen at 801-571-2232.