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Prepare for Pressure Irrigation Season in April

We will begin to pressure up the irrigation system April 1st. Before this time, all pressure irrigation customers should:

  • Turn off your stop and waste valve to avoid flooding your yard and home.
  • Disconnect hoses.
  • Check for and repair any cracks in standpipes.

It takes approximately 10-14 days to fill the system. Secondary water should be available to all customers by April 15th, although it may be available to some customers earlier.

Make Sure Systems Are in Good Repair
In general, everything past the stop and waste located at the property line is the responsibility of the homeowner, so it’s up to you to make sure your system is in good shape before you turn on the stop and waste and start watering. If you need help checking, preparing, or repairing your system, please contact a landscaper or other expert.

WaterPro does not have the manpower to help homeowners prepare their sprinkler systems. If there is an emergency we will dispatch a crew, but if our repair crew determines that the problem lies in a part of the system that is the homeowner’s responsibility, we will issue a bill for our crew’s time.

Water Outlook for 2011: Well Above Average

Water year 2011 has started off the right way, according to Randy Julander, Snow Survey supervisor for the state of Utah. In the Utah Water Users’ Association newsletter of January 2011, he reported that many sites across the state were reporting above 200% of the average snowpack for the time of year.

Since then, snowpacks have remained well above average. You can find up-to-date information on snowpacks throughout the state by typing “SNOTEL Utah” in any search engine. In addition to large snowpacks, most areas of the state have above average soil moisture saturation levels.

What does this mean for our state? We hope that it means good water supplies for the coming growing season. But it all depends on the spring weather.

If temperatures rise quickly and stay high, the spring runoff will be very high and could cause flooding. If the runoff happens too quickly, it could actually mean water shortages later in the summer and fall.

We’ll keep an eye on the water supply, and provide more information as needed.

WaterPro History to be Published This Month

This year marks the centennial of culinary water service in Draper. As part of the ongoing celebration of this im- portant date, we are publishing A History of Draper Irrigation/WaterPro 1888-2011 this month. Customers can purchase a copy of this book from our office after April 1.

This comprehensive history includes facts and photos from the past century and more. For example, this month marks 113 years since the original Articles of Incorporation for the Draper Irrigating Company (WaterPro’s parent company) were signed. Filed in the District Court for the Third Judicial District of the Utah Territory, the articles were signed on March 27, 1888 by Judge C.F. Zane.